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How to Start Improvising

DO YOU WANT TO LEARN TO IMPROVISE? Many of my students want to improvise on their instruments but think that this is very complicated to learn and difficult to approach. In reality, to begin improvising can be quite easy. The truth is, it can be very simple to get into spontaneously “making things up” and…

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Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You, According to Science

One of my students posted links to this article on her Facebook page: It explained that research has shown that music lessons: 1. Improved your reading and verbal skills. 2. Improved your mathematical and spatial-temporal reasoning. 3. Helped your grades. 4. Raised your IQ. 5. Helped you learn languages more quickly. 6. Made you…

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Finding the Magic in Music

Music is the Universal Language. All humans are born with the equipment necessary for understanding, creating and communicating with music. It is an absolutely necessary activity for human existence, not merely a form of entertainment (although it can certainly be very entertaining). All those who read this are invited to participate here by contributing their…

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